Inaugure Hospitality Group aims at becoming the African continent 21st century hotel industry benchmark

Since ever, Africa has been known for the hospitality of its people and its rich cultural heritage. Inspired by that rich past and using it as our core foundation, we are building the Africa of tomorrow, developing an industry that relies heavily on people and open to the world: the hospitality industry.

Our partners see in Inaugure Hospitality Group a reliable company, with a clear and ambitious vision, key to a long-term common success.

By creating and developing an ambitious network of innovative brands, from economy to upper-luxury, we take by storm the African hospitality sector

Through our management arm, Mangalis Hotel Group, we are continuously striving to bring to the world the best that Africa can offer in terms of hospitality, service and iconic buildings.

Local companies, as much as international hotel chains, see Inaugure Hospitality Group as the leader to follow in terms of innovation, uncompromised excellence and continuous quality training in all departments and at all levels, so to provide a consistent and unparalleled experience to investors, employees, guests, suppliers and other stock-holders.

Regardless of where our hotels are located, we recognize our responsibility towards our environment:

Inaugure Hospitality Group does not only have a dramatic never-seen before in Africa expansion program, but we also developed an ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility platform, True2Earth, that places responsible sustainable development at the heart of the Group’s innovation, development and overall strategy.